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The fitness influencer blog reviews the options available to create income from your fitness brand. The blog will walk you through my journey from having no experience using social media, or website building, to creating an online lifestyle business. It will also include interviews with successful fitness influencers who have found ways to generate income from their love for fitness.


Achieving and maintaining your goals is a marathon, not a sprint. Learning the right exercises helps, but ensuring you're building healthy movement patterns and being kind to your muscles and joints is as important as how much your biceps grow. The exercise blog will share workout routines, exercises, form and review exercise science, to help super power your fitness journey.


Healthy nutrition is a lifestyle. There will always be a new fad diet that works for some, but the only proven method to long term success is building a healthy relationship with food. This blog will provide strategies that will help you build habits for life long success. It will include challenges to help you along the way, as well as some of my favorite recipes for added inspiration.

Who I Am. What I Do

I’m Joe.  2 years ago, I became a personal trainer and digital marketer after escaping 10 years of cubicle life, working in finance.  Now, as we move into the new work from home era, I am navigating the world of how to become a fitness influencer and monetize my passion.  Follow me on my journey to learn how you can replicate this process yourself, for any passion you have.

Most Recent Blog Posts

Calorie Calculator – How Many Calories Should I Eat?

I want to start this off by pointing out that I do not think you should live on a strictly calorie counting diet. For those who are trying to achieve a very specific goal, like body builders, calorie counting may be necessary. But even in these exceptional cases, calorie counting should be restricted to coincide … Calorie Calculator – How Many Calories Should I Eat? Read More »

Tangy Cabbage Coleslaw

I immediately fell in love with this coleslaw the first time I made it. It’s hands down my favorite slaw. Whether you’re having it as a side, or adding it to a burger, or pulled pork sandwich you just can’t go wrong with this recipe. Ingredients Slaw Ingredients 1/2 Head of Cabbage, thinly chopped 1 … Tangy Cabbage Coleslaw Read More »

TRX Pull Up

How To Do Perfect Pull Ups: From Home

Perfect form is one thing in the gym. Conditions are right. The equipment it perfectly constructed so your hands can sit at the most comfortable angle and even has padding. Now that so many of us are working out from home, improvising is necessary. And when you’re in an uncomfortable environment with unfamiliar equipment focusing … How To Do Perfect Pull Ups: From Home Read More »

Michele Smith Interview | The Fitness Influencer Podcast -Episode 2

This week I interviewed Michele Smith. Before starting her career in fitness, Michele worked into her 50’s as a model, modeling everything from lingerie to shoes. Now in her 60’s Michele is still running her company Forever Fit With Michele, where she works with clients going through hormonal changes in a one-on-one environment, creating personalized … Michele Smith Interview | The Fitness Influencer Podcast -Episode 2 Read More »

How to Become A Brand Ambassador or Sponsor

Find out how do you get hired as an ambassador/sponsor? What kind of content do brands ask their reps to provide? What are the different kinds of ambassadorship and sponsorship? How do you earn money as an ambassador or a sponsor?

Oliver Background 2

Oliver Hubbard Interview | The Fitness Influencer Podcast – Episode 1

This week on The Fitness Influencer Podcast, I interviewed Oliver Hubbard. Oliver has been both a Brand Ambassador and Sponsor for a variety of fitness apparel and supplement brands including, The Plant Era, MFIT SUPPS, Trident Apparel. He is a Certified Personal Trainer in New York and a World Natural Bodybuilding Federation Pro. We discussed … Oliver Hubbard Interview | The Fitness Influencer Podcast – Episode 1 Read More »

Trainer’s Favorite Workout Equipment To Stay Fit During Lockdown

Many of my clients have been reaching out the last few weeks asking what equipment they should buy to stay in shape during Covid-19 lockdowns.  My recommendations have been the similar to all, whether they are in the suburbs in a house with a backyard, or a 500 square foot New York City apartment.  Keep … Trainer’s Favorite Workout Equipment To Stay Fit During Lockdown Read More »

Collard Greens Cooking Small

Vegan Braised Collard Greens & Beyond Sausage

After spending 5 months vegan at the end of 2019, I came up with a few tricks to keep some of my favorite recipes on the menu. Kenyan Braised Collard Greens and Ground Beef has been one of my favorite recipes since I first came across it on SkinnyTaste’s blog. When I started eating vegan, … Vegan Braised Collard Greens & Beyond Sausage Read More »

Core Workout Circuit Challenge

Are you stuck at home looking for a quick and effective workout you can do in your apartment? Its already been very easy for me to get lazy and lose motivation over the first two days stuck at home with no weights. Recently I read Mass 2 by Pat Davidson, took his program customized it … Core Workout Circuit Challenge Read More »

My Favorite Easy Pesto Recipe

Homemade pesto is one of my favorite things to keep around my apartment.  It’s quick and easy to make and can be used in a variety of dishes.  Besides adding it to pasta, I love the flavor of pesto with steak, on baked vegetables, and on my eggs to list a few ideas.  I have … My Favorite Easy Pesto Recipe Read More »

Broccoli & Tofu with Maple-Miso Glaze

Ingredients 1 Head of Broccoli 1 Block of Extra Firm Tofu (Tofu Press) 2 Tbsp Olive Oil -divided (Olive Oil Dispenser) 1  Tsp Onion Salt 1 Tsp Garlic Powder ½ Tsp Cayenne Pepper ¼ Medium Onion Chopped 2 Cloves Garlic Diced Season with Salt & Pepper For the Maple Miso Glaze 1 Tbsp Reduced Sodium … Broccoli & Tofu with Maple-Miso Glaze Read More »