Core Workout Circuit Challenge

Are you stuck at home looking for a quick and effective workout you can do in your apartment?

At Home Core Workout

Its already been very easy for me to get lazy and lose motivation over the first two days stuck at home with no weights. Recently I read Mass 2 by Pat Davidson, took his program customized it to work at my Equinox location and changed my diet to fit my muscle gaining goals to go with the program. I had massive momentum that I had built up over the first two weeks of completing the program. I was getting comfortable with my weight selection. My body was fully readjusting to adding meat back to my diet. And now with all gyms in NY closing, it’s unknown how long it will be until I am able to get back to the program.

Instead of letting myself lose all of the progress I’ve made, I started today by creating this Circuit Workout Challenge. There will be three circuits as part of this challenge. The circuits are split up into a core, flexibility/mobility and body weight resistance training circuit. Here is part one, the Core Circuit Workout Challenge. I will follow up with the flexibility/mobility and body weight resistance training circuits in the upcoming days.

Core Circuit Challenge Video

Core Circuit Challenge Exercises

  • 10 Second Elbow Plank
  • 10 Second Push Up Plank
  • 4 Switches – Elbow to Push Up Plank
  • 4 Reaches – Elbow Plank w/ Overhead Reach
  • 10 Second Beast Hold
  • 4 Shoulder Taps (From Beast Hold)
  • 4 Toe Raises (From Beast Hold)

Complete this Core Circuit Workout Challenge with no rest between exercises. Your knees should never touch the ground! If you are able to complete the circuit with no rest, add 5 seconds to each 10 second hold and 2 reps to each 4 rep movement.

Form Tips: I will repeat. Your knees should never touch the ground!! The most important part to get the most out of this circuit is to always limit rocking at your hips and shoulders. Do your best to stay locked in and engage your core throughout the circuit. For Beast Hold position exercises bring your knees between your belly button and hips.

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